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Coaching Tips

Adobe PDF file Hitting, Throwing & Fielding for Beginners * - Tips on technique and drills to help parents & coaches teach a beginner the basics of baseball.

Microsoft Word file Practical information for Pee Wee games - Information about coaching Pee Wee (formerly Rookie B) games from past experience

Microsoft Word file Sample Practice Plan - A sample "Rookie" practice plan with drills

 Practice Plan, All-Star Baseball Academy * - A basic youth baseball practice plan


Healthy & Safety

CDC "Heads Up" - Concussion awareness & information resources for coaches & parents

MLB Pitch Smart - Guidelines on arm health and fatigue for youth pitchers from Major League Baseball

Adobe PDF file Pitching Limits * - Comparison of pitching limits published by different organizations


How to get weekly coaching e-mail

Ripken Virtual Academy - Great coaching resource, instructional videos, articles, etc.

- To sign up for e-mails, create a new account under "login," you can then use the link below to change your e-mail preferences

Ripken Baseball Email Preferences - Set your Ripken account to receive e-mail with coaching tips


Coaching Videos

Ripken Baseball Fielding Tip - Fielding a Ground Ball - YouTube video - The basics of fielding a ground ball

Ripken Baseball Fielding Tip - Throwing to First Base - YouTube video - Fielding a ground ball, throwing to first:  the "3 Dot Drill"

Power Position Drill - Ripken Baseball - The basic starting position for throwing, with younger kids often described as "making a 'T' with your arms"

Developing quickness in the outfield - Ripken Baseball video - Drills for good footwork, the basis of quickness in the outfield

Front Toss - Basic - Ripken Baseball video - Demonstration of Front Toss and a basic drill

How to have Fast Hands when Hitting - Ripken Baseball video - High tee drill

How to throw batting practice - YouTube video - Advice for coaches and parents on throwing batting practice (23 min)

Fail Harder - Motivation - YouTube video - Basketball theme, but applies to baseball (& life), good words to remember


Coaching Links

Why Kids Quit Sports - Insight on how parents and coaches can help kids stay with sports

Babe Ruth Baseball - Home page

Ripken Baseball - Home page

Game Changer - Electronic game scoring

Pitching Faults - The Complete Pitcher - TheCompletePitcher.com pitching website


Free Advice!

Adobe PDF file Baseball Equipment Advice *



 URA Rules- 

URA Complex Map - .JPG map of the URA Baseball Complex

UCFSD Field Map- .JPG map of the High School and Middle School fields


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